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480 litre Wooden Modular Compost Bin Extension

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Double the capacity of your Wooden 480 Litre Compost Bin with our extension module.

With no nails or screws required, and no hole to dig, the Wooden 480 Litre Modular Compost Bin can be fully assembled in just four minutes.

By using the poles on the side of your existing compost bin and sliding in the new panels, you can double or even triple the size of your bin in no time.

The Wooden 480 Litre Modular Compost Bin Extension Module is suitable for garden and kitchen waste and featues sliding panels for easy access.

Made from FSC Certified wood, this item has come from a forest and supply chain managed sustainably. The 18mm thick wood provides insulation to the compost bin, whilst also providing porous properties. (FSC certified Scandinavian White Wood).

All the wooden boards and posts are hand dipped in a non-toxic wood protection (they are not pressure treated/tanalised). Apart from being 'safe' it will not kill any small bugs and tender plants. It is recommended that you re-treat once every two years with a similar product or preservative when the wood is dry, you can prolong the life of your compost bins further by turning over the posts and rotating/reversing the boards to even out wear and tear. As with all wooden products kept outside, colour can vary and change over time.

Please note: This is not a full compost bin; an existing Wooden 480 Litre Modular Compost Bin is required. Photograph shows both units. Lid not included.


Wooden Modular Compost Bin specification.
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