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Barrique 250 litre Water Butt Kit

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Collect 250 litres of rainwater in this wood grain effect waterbutt!

Modelled on an oak barrel, the hand-finished Barrique is an attractive water butt with a matt wood effect finish.

Supplied with a childproof lid, this kit includes a brown Filter Collector Universal and brass tap allowing the butt to fit naturally into any garden!

With a high level of detailing, this 250 litre water butt offers a stylish yet practical solution.

Collect filtered rainwater using the Rain Collector Universal which is included in this kit. Fitting round downpipe sizes from 68mm to 100mm and 65mm square downpipes the Rain Collector Universal comes supplied with all required connectors, washers and a 32mm flat drill bit to get you started!

When setting up your water butt, please ensure that the full unit is sited on a flat, solid surface with no overhang or unevenness.


Barrique 250 litre Water Butt Kit specification
ModelCapacity (l)Height (mm)Diameter (mm)
Barrique 250 litre Water Butt Kit2501050600
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