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Blackwall Twin Pack Bokashi Bin


Compost all of your food waste in the Bokashi Bin, a simple way to recycle food waste in the home

Introducing the simple way to recycle food waste at home - the Bokashi Bin is a unique product which allows you to compost all of your food waste.

Prepare all meat, fish, dairy products or any other organic material for composting in one container. With this double pack, you'll never run out of space as you can leave one to ferment while filling another.

Simply add your kitchen waste to your Bokashi Bin, sprinkle on a handful of Bokashi Bran and seal the air tight lid.

Bokashi is a dry mixture of bran and molasses infused with beneficial micro-organisms that suppress pathogens and stop your waste from putrefying or emitting foul odours.

After a few weeks your waste can be added to a conventional compost heap or bin, or dug straight into the ground. It also produces a liquid feed which is packed with beneficial microbes and can be diluted as a plant feed or poured down the drain to prevent algae build up and odours.

The Bokashi Bin is intended to be kept in the home but can be kept outdoors. If left outdoors the process can slow down during the colder months.

The Bokashi Bin Twin Pack includes:

  • 2 Bokashi Bins with carry handle, air tight lid and drainage tap
  • 2 inner drain trays
  • 1 scoop/liquid drain cup
  • 1 push tool
  • Full instructions
  • 1kg of Bokashi Bran (3 - 4 months supply)
  • For more information on the Bokashi Bin, including how to get started, please take a look at our blog article. blog article. blog article.


    • Converts kitchen waste such as meat, fish,dairy and cooked wastes into usable compost.
    • The liquid produced can be diluted and used on plants to assist growth
    • Keep drains clear by pouring the produced liquid directly down into your kitchen and bathroom sinks, toilets or septic system
    • Be part of an organic solution by directing food waste away from the landfill
    • Will rebuild the soil in your garden and will decontaminate soil from harmful pathogens and pollutants.


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    Reviews (10)
    • Best type of Bokashi ever 10/24/2020
      I bought these bins a few years back. Being on my own I could not fill them quick enough, so I asked a neighbour to collect her stuff for me. Now it fills up quick enough. I bury it into my compost heap and within a month it is gone with lots of worms. I tried at the same time a wormery, but all my worms escaped to the compost bins. I put Teflon tape on the tap and never had a problem with leakage. Think I buy another set as spare.
    • All good 9/21/2020
      I ordered these bins in autumn 2019 and have not had a single problem with them. The taps do not leak and they are easy to operate. I have lots of liquid to use to feed my flowers and other plants. I would suggest if you are going to bury directly from the bin (and not put into an outside compost bin) to dig a very deep hole. I live in an area with lots of wildlife and once or twice my holes have been disturbed over night. Would recommend this system and have already to friends and family.
    • Broken pusher 3/5/2020
      I love my bokashi bin so far. It stays in a warm kitchen, yet does not smell even though it is 3/4 full. I am part of a council trial, so the first batch of bran was provided free. I was shocked to find how expensive the bran is to replace... £14.99 and delivery. Also, the pusher (looks like a plasterer's tool) has broken where the handle joins the larger flat part and I've only had it for two weeks. Is there a substitute I can use instead of bran?
    • Bokashi Bin Experience 12/7/2019
      As an owner of 4 bokashi bins I can vouch for their quality end product, an excellent liquid fertiliser. NYCC "Rotters" also extol the effectivness of the bins and attract considerable interest at the many events we participate in across North Yorkshire.
    • Perfect for my needs 3/11/2019
      Was a bit dubious about the process but it's working really well. The end product doesn't look too different from what I put in but once trransferred to the compost bin, it breaks down really quickly. Have seen lots of reviews about the drippy taps but I was told on the phone when purchasing it that the taps have now been changed and so far so good!
    • Great bin, crap tap 7/24/2018
      I have been really pleased with my pair of Bokashi bins. I already have a garden composter and always lamented the fact that I couldn't compost cooked leftovers, so this process was the answer to my prayers. I have been so good about layering the waste, sprinkling the bran and squashing it all down (even after a night out!) and so far, it's been fermenting beautifully. There are no nasty smells from the non-recycling bin any more and, during the hottest summer since '76, I haven't had a single fly in the kitchen. I have to say, I’ve had the bins over 2 months and I’ve still only 3/4 filled the first bin! Minimal waste in our house, I guess and we’re only a small family of three. I had read the other reviews about the tap and was rather dreading draining off the tea but until recently there wasn’t any to drain – maybe because it wasn’t full enough? Anyway, I had to hold the glass jar I was draining into and the tap in one hand, so it stayed perpendicular, and turn the “Open-close” knob with the other to stop the tap and the knob turning together but I managed to draw some off. However, a few days later, I walked into the kitchen thinking, “Hello, someone’s spilt some vinegar” and there was my Bokashi bin sitting in a puddle of it’s own juices. Another reviewer had said they’d like the thread on the inside to be longer and I have to agree as my tap has detached itself entirely from the threaded nut inside. I’ve relocated the bin to the garden and just had to tip it up to draw off the tea and stick the tap back in as best I can and hope it will be airtight enough while I leave it to ferment. I’ll start filling the other one and have tried to do a really good job of making the tap secure but I’m conscious that I may have the same problem again so that’s why I’ve given this 4 stars and not 5 because otherwise, I think it’s a great product.
    • pros and cons 6/12/2018
      Great way to compost food waste and create plant food. downside is the taps, bit leaky. so can only use outside.
    • Great 5/8/2017
      Does exactly what it's meant to, and is really good value for money. My one complaint is that the thread on the tap could have been a little longer as I felt I couldn't tighten the seal as much as I wanted but it's caused no issue.
    • Earth Magic 2/9/2017
      Love this system! The hardest job is to dig the trench in the garden, which takes next to no time!! Every plant gets a growth spurt from the diluted fermenting fluid. The soil gets darker and richer. Bonus is the garden worms are totally addicted to the bokashi fermented kitchen waste. It's like McHappy meals for kids lol
    • Bokashi bins 1/29/2017
      I have been using these bokashi bins for about five years now and, the benifits of not throwing any food waste of any kind away, be it fish, meat, milk, bones you name it. This is not just benifial to the garden/environment, but also to my own sence of achievement, however small that participation may be. Great torrents begin with single drops.