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Compost Aerator

Item No. TURNER03

Lift and mix your compost with ease.

This simple and easy-to-use aerator lets you effortlessly lift and mix your compost without getting your hands dirty!

Regular turning of the composting material will ensure that more air gets to the centre which speeds up decomposition.

This lightweight compost aerator has 2 hinged prongs which fold in when inserted into the compost and open when pulled back out, creating air pockets which in turn oxygenates the compost.

For best results aim to turn your compost every 7-10 days.


  • Made from recycled plastic
  • Oxygenates the compost
  • Speeds up decomposition


Compost Aerator specification
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Compost Aerator750
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Reviews (1)
  • Even greener Compost Arator 4/20/2018
    Had a compost aerator for years. Brilliant, simple process...plunge it down, pull it up, the wings open and aeration done. Buying more as presents to keen gardeners.