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Harcostar 227 litre Green Water Butt Kit

Item No. HS227WBKIT

A premium brand that offers the highest quality, The Harcostar 227 litre Water Butt Kit is a traditional barrel shaped water butt, complete with a hose connector tap.

Channel the rainwater which falls on the roof of your home directly into the water butt, via the enclosed Harcostar Universal Rain Trap, which can then be used for watering the garden or other outdoor jobs.

Fitted with a spring operated child-safe lid, the kit includes a three-part stand and a Harcostar Universal Rain Trap to connect to almost any size of plastic downpipe.

Made in the UK with a five-year guarantee, this kit is supplied pre-drilled with easy-to-follow instructions, meaning fitting your Harcostar 227 Litre Water Butt Kit couldn't be simpler.

The Harcostar 227 Litre Water Butt Kit is made in the UK using recycled plastic, and all accessories are designed to be fitted with ease.

The Harcostar Universal Rain Trap fits standard 68mm, 80mm and 100mm round plastic downpipes and 65mm square plastic downpipes. Not suitable for cast iron downpipes.

Optional accessories available here Optional Harcostar Fast Flow Tap available here

Harcostar 227 Litre Grey Water Butt Kit also available here

We cannot guarantee that the appearance and/or colour of Goods shown in our promotional literature or on our website exactly reproduce the appearance and/or colour of the physical Goods themselves.

When setting up your water butt, please ensure that the full unit is sited on a flat, solid surface with no overhang or unevenness.


Harcostar water butt specification
ModelCapacity (l)Height (mm)Height With Stand (mm)Diameter (mm)
Harcostar 114 Litre Water Butt Kit114680950510
Harcostar 227 Litre Water Butt Kit2279901260600
Harcostar 350 Litre Magnum Water Butt3501200N/A780
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Reviews (12)
  • OK but.... 12/26/2020
    Lids difficult to open. However have linked to with top and bottom connections and are fine.
  • Well designed and seems quite durable 11/11/2019
    I bought one of these to add to my other three of differing makes, and am impressed with the quality and design. I particularly like the fact that the lid seals properly preventing the midges from getting in to lay eggs. I did find the lid difficult to open initially, but a dab of silicone grease on the moving parts soon sorted it out. I’m just waiting for the next special offer as I need two more to replace both the Ward butts that have splits in them, and cannot find anything to repair them.
  • Harcostar 227ltr Green Water Butt Kit 8/17/2019
    Ordered the water butt on the 27th of July and it was delivered on the 9th or August - rather handily left in the back garden as requested. Connected with relative ease; there are some good Youtube videos detailing the installation. One (admittedly rather wet) week on and the water butt is full; feeds off a flat roof approximately 4m x4m, and there was probably about 1-2in of water in the bucket left next to it, an estimate on the rainfall. Really cant fault the product and the fact that a hose pipe can be linked to the tap is an added bonus. Great product, hope it lasts!
  • Harcoster 227 litre green barrel 7/8/2019
    My first order from your company, very impressed. The water barrel arrived very quickly, it is thick plastic very robust. It was very easy with all the pre cut holes to assemble. Great not to have to crawl in the barrel to fit the tap, it just screws in. The lid fits well and is easy to open and close.The three parts of the stand fit together holding the barrel in place. I am hoping this will last for years. Just need some rain.
  • Mr Barrel 6/7/2019
    We have had two of these water barrels for three or four years now and they have worked perfectly and now I am about to buy a further one as a third one of a different make has started to leak.
  • Very good quality kit 4/19/2019
    Excellent kit with everything provided and pre drilled holes in barrel. Dropped one star because delivery took nearly 4 weeks. Apparently this is normal for this company but buyer should bear it in mind if ordering.
  • Quality piece of kit 4/17/2019
    Good quality with all necessary parts included. Water Butt is pre drilled and threaded for easy attachment of pipes and tap, so parts easy to assemble. Other suppliers do not necessarily do this. One thing to be aware of is that delivery was not exactly swift. I ordered on the 23 march and was told it could take up to a month to deliver it. When I queried this the date was bought forward to 18th April and it actually arrived on 17th April. Turns out it was worth waiting for but buyers should be aware it might well take a few weeks to arrive.
  • Great value 7/24/2018
    I bought 2 of these and have been impressed with the great value - with all elements included - drainpipe connector, stand and lid. The taps fit easily into the pre-threaded holes, there are 2 bottom holes for connecting the butts and a tap, plus two top holes. The tanks are robust and the lid fits securely (although as mentioned before it's a bit fiddly). Not connected the rainwater diverter as I already had one in place, so I can't comment. Word of warning - don't get the linking kit (H930515LKITI) if you want to connect your water butts at the bottom as the hose doesn't fit tightly enough onto the elbow joint and leaks, then comes off under greater pressure.
  • Very impressed by price and quality. 5/25/2018
    I originally purchased 3 butts to collect water from my bungalow roof and outbuildings. I was so impressed by the price and quality, I have ordered 2 more
  • Great butt but with one but. 10/17/2017
    Great value compared to many others on the market. Particularly because everything is included in the price. Fits on the stand well. One criticism; the instructions for the downpipe rain trap are pants and the marking tape mentioned was missing. Here's how to do it; Mount butt on stand near downpipe. With a spirit level transfer water line level from butt to pipe. Mark 12.5mm either side of line and cut out that piece then follow remaining instructions. Connecting pipe is a loose fit on butt spigot and needs some sealant. Otherwise great product.
  • Perfect water solution 6/27/2017
    This is a great quality butt kit. I love the pre-drilled holes with well fitting bungs, especially the options for left or right connection to the downpipe. The only fiddly bit was cutting the drain pipe and rain trap lid. The tap is smooth to operate, and has a good flow. The base segments fitted together easily and the whole unit is very stable. The lid safety mechanism is a little tricky to operate, but as I only need to lift the lid to add water conditioner it is worth having. Thoroughly recommend the Harcostar, and Even Greener
  • Has lasted 10-15 years and stil no fading 3/9/2017
    I bought this a long time ago. It is still in great condition and looks the same dark green colour, unlike another one which is badly faded. Reason for comment: just about to buy a third barrel!