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Bokashi Bins

Have you heard of Bokashi before? It’s a genius way to quickly break down food waste (including meat and dairy) and transform it into rich, organic compost, all from the comfort of your kitchen. Our range of Bokashi Bins work indoors or outdoors, so regardless of garden size, if you are ready to start composting and live ‘even greener’, you can still achieve zero food waste. It’s simple. All you need to do is place your leftovers into the Bokashi Bin, sprinkle some bran over and let the process begin. With our twin pack, you will receive two composters: so leave one to ferment whilst you fill another. Once your Bokashi Bin has fermented, add to a conventional composter outdoors. Each pack comes with three months’ supply of Bokashi Bran and then refill with our Bokashi Bran pack.

Bokashi Bran 3kg Refill