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Compost Tumblers

Have you ever considered the advantages of separating compost in chambers? Maze’s innovative compost tumbler was designed in Australia, using the latest technologies to understand what your compost needs to thrive. The Compost Tumbler has two chambers, air vents and a reinforced barrel that can hold up to 245 litres of waste. The idea is that you fill one chamber whilst the other ferments to allow a continuous cycle of composting, clever huh? The angled design of the composter allows sideways access and Maze’s composting cart makes the tumbling composter a contemporary process that makes composting accessible for more ages and abilities than ever before.

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  • Maze 245 litre Compost Tumbler
    Item No. GGS245TUMBLER In stock
    The Maze 245 litre Compost Tumbler turns kitchen and garden waste into a rich, nutrient rich compost.
  • Maze 55 litre Composting Cart
    Item No. GGS55COMCART In stock
    The Composting Cart is a great garden accessory, especially useful for collecting compost from your Tumbler and wheeling it to its destination!