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Thermo-King 900 litre Compost Bin

Item No. TK900GRNI

The King of Composters!

Made from specially-engineered Thermolen® to offer outstanding insulation, the Thermoking 900 Litre Compost Bin is UV stable and provides excellent heat retention to aid composting.

With an optimised ventilation system to maintain the ideal temperature. The Thermoking 900 Litre Compost Bin has two large, hinged access panels, meaning it can be easily filled and emptied.

The Easy-lock assembly system makes putting it together a breeze - you wont even need any tools!

An optional base plate is also available, to help prevent against rodents whilst allowing helpful micro-organisms and composting minibeasts access to your composter.

The Thermoking 900 Litre Compost Bin is perfect for those with large families or bigger gardens, or anyone serious about their compost production.

To find out more about composting, including how to get started, please take a look at our composting guide composting guide or blog article. blog article.


  • Wind-fix lid adjustment regulates air circulation, with summer and winter function.
  • Also available in 600 litres.
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    Thermo King specification table
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  • Outstanding value on Even Greener 1/4/2017
    My garden generates huge quantities of leaves, grass-cuttings, tree-prunings (etc). In composting, the larger the bin the better the generation of heat to quickly break down materials efficiently. In spite of using pressure-treated timber, my large wooden bins have rotted away themselves within a few years. Although not pretty, this bin is a superb size, very effective and a brilliant use of recycled plastic. Even Greener sell them much more cheaply than anyone else on the net and delivery is painless.