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Wooden 480 litre Modular Compost Bin


With no nails or screws required, and no hole to dig, the Wooden 480 Litre Modular Compost Bin can be fully assembled in just four minutes.

Standing at just 750mm high, the compost bin has been specifically designed to eliminate back strain when lifting materials into it, and has sliding panels for easy access.

Closed sides prevent drying out and uneven composting, and it is made out of solid, FSC-certified wood, which is porous and insulating. The Wooden 480 Litre Modular Compost Bin is treated with a Chesnut Brown non-toxic wood preservative. As with all wooden products kept outside, colour can vary and change over time.

Lid not included. Additional accessories available for this product include the Wooden 480 Litre Modular Compost Bin Extension Module and Wooden 480 Litre Modular Compost Bin Lid.


Wooden 480 Litre Modular Compost Bin specification.
Capacity 480 (l)Width (mm)Depth (mm)Height (mm)
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  • Excellent Product 9/3/2018
    The product arrived on 3 packages as I also ordered an extension and 2 lids Each well protected and I assembledall the units in about 15 minutes They look very sturdy and hopefully will give a long life. Only grumble was that I did not receive any notification of delivery The 1st I new was when the delivery man was at the door.