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  • Can-O-Worms 2 Tier Wormery
    Item No. CANOW2TD Out of stock
  • Can-O-Worms 3 Tier Wormery
    Item No. CANOW3TD Out of stock
  • Composting Worms 125g
    Item No. CWWORMS125G In stock
    Top up your composter or wormery with these excellent Yorkshire worms.
  • Legs for Maze Worm Farm
    Item No. GGSWFLEGSX4 In stock
    Enhance your Maze Worm Farm and add a bit of height with these stylish legs!
  • Maze Worm Farm
    Item No. GGSWORMFARM In stock
    Simple and stylish, this Maze Worm Farm is a great addition to any household recycling routine.
  • Subpod Essential Bundle
    Item No. SUBPODEB In stock
    The Subpod Essentials Bundle is the perfect option for a keen gardener!
  • Subpod Grow Bundle
    Item No. SUBPODGB In stock
    The Subpod Grow bundle is a garden bed, worm farm, compost system and seating area all rolled into one!
  • Subpod In-Garden Compost System
    Item No. SUBPODIGCS In stock
    It's the beautiful system that solves every common compost problem you've ever experienced.