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Can-O-Worms 3 Tier Wormery


Why not let worms convert your kitchen waste into compost full of nutrients with the Can-O-Worms 3 Tier Wormery?

Perfect for larger families, the Can-O-Worms 3 Tier wormery is easy to use and ideal for kitchen waste.

Creating a wormery is simple to do, and interesting and fun for kids. The tray structure allows easy access to the compost, and the liquid which can be diluted and used as feed for house plants, is collected from a tap in the raised base.

The Can-O-Worms 3 Tier Wormery which has a 70 litre capacity, includes the housing and a voucher for a generous supply of composting worms, and extras to help make your composting go smoothly.

The Can-O-Worms 3 Tier Wormery is made out of 100% recycled plastic and comes with a ventilated lid.

The bedding block gives the worms a starting point to burrow into. The Lime Mix assists in neutralising the acidity of the soil when items such as citrus fruits or onions have been added to the compost.

Once the wormery is received , simply locate the voucher and either post back to the given address or redeem online and the worms will be posted to you in special packaging to ensure they reach you in the best condition. They need to be transferred into bedding to your wormery within 2 to 3 days.

Watch the video to find out more about setting up your wormery.

Kit Includes:

  • Can-O-Worms housing with 3 trays
  • 1 bedding block
  • Voucher for 500g (approximately 1000) native composting worms
  • 2kg lime mix
  • 1 moisture mat
  • 1 Tap
  • instructions
  • Features

    • Composts kitchen waste
    • Multiple tiers allow the worms to move around the wormery
    • Small sized footprint means the wormery is ideal for use in small spaces such as balcony's or yards
    • Raised base allows for a bucket to be placed under the wormery


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    Can-O-Worms 2 Tier Wormery45660500
    Can-O-Worms 3 Tier Wormery 70730500
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    Reviews (1)
    • Very good design one of mine is 6 years old. 11/26/2018
      The compost is great it is a lovely rich growing medium. The legs are long enough to get a watering can under the little tap at the base. The design is much better then other wormerys I have tried.