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Delchem Dual Flush Siphon

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The Delchem Siphon is an easy to use and fit dualflush siphon.

The long flush operation works by flushing the WC in the normal fashion of fully depressing the lever and immediately releasing once the flush has started.

The short flush volume is achieved by fully depressing the handle in the normal fashion and holding the handle in the down position until the flushing cycle has finished.

Approximately 6 litres of water is used during the long flush and 4 litres during the short flush.

The product is straight forward to fit and allows you to set your own flush levels.

Internal Overflow

If in the unlikely event that your filling valve fails open, all Opella siphons feature an internal overflow which will be able to cope with up to 35l/min of excess water.

As the water level rises so will the level of water within the siphon, until it reaches the 'spillover' point. At this point the water within the syphon will cascade down the down tube and into the pan preventing any further increase in the height of the water within in the cistern.


  • Dual flush functionality
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Easy to fit
  • Saves water and money
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