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Lid for Cloudburst 200 litre Water Butt

Item No. CL20LBLK

Replacement lid for use with the Cloudburst 200 litre Water Butt.


  • Lid for Cloudburst 200 litre Water Butt
  • Black Recycled Plastic


Lid for Cloudburst Water Butt specification.
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Reviews (3)
  • Not just another lid! 6/7/2018
    Just like earlier review I googled to find a big lid to catch bird food fallout. I have fixed mine just below the feeders and it catches almost everything. The birds also walk about in it feeding off the fallout. The only unhappy ones are the dogs, nothing to clean up below the feeder.
  • It's a lid, it's a lid for a bin, for what else would one use it... Read on ... 11/7/2017
    Believe it or not, we bought this not for its intended purpose (!), but to act as a birdseed spillover collector, with the intention of avoiding wastage. And it's doing it's job, with a bit of modification via a craft knife ( needed to make a hole into which we could stick the bird-feeder spike ). Which is nice :-)
  • Lid Heaven 11/7/2017
    Just what I needed - I like the cutouts in the lid