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Mini Rainsaver 100 litre Green Water Butt Double Kit


Double your water storage capacity by connecting two Mini Rainsaver 100 Litre Water butt Kits to save even more water!

The kit includes two water butts and taps, two stands to allow room to fit a watering can under the tap, a Rainsaver Diverter Kit, to attach one of the butts to a downpipe, and a link kit to connect the water butts together

Made in the UK with a five-year guarantee, this kit is supplied pre-drilled with easy-to-follow instructions, meaning fitting you Mini Rainsaver 100 Litre Double Kit couldn't be simpler.

The Rainsaver Diverter Kit fits standard 68mm (2.7") round plastic downpipes and 65mm (2.5") square plastic downpipes. Not suitable for cast iron downpipes.

Optional accessories available here Optional Harcostar Fast Flow Tap available here

We cannot guarantee that the appearance and/or colour of Goods shown in our promotional literature or on our website exactly reproduce the appearance and/or colour of the physical Goods themselves.

When setting up your water butt, please ensure that the full unit is sited on a flat, solid surface with no overhang or unevenness.


ModelCapacity (l)Height (mm)Height With Stand (mm)Diameter (mm)
Mini Rainsaver 100 Litre Water Butt Double Kit1009401210380
Rainsaver Diverter Kit fitting instructions
Rain Diverter Kit specification
Length (mm)Internal Diameter (mm)External Diameter (mm)
Rain Diverter Kit4801924
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Reviews (7)
  • Best Butts 4/16/2021
    We have decided to renew and expand the amount of water bitts we have to five. I am glad I came across these Water Butts as they have pre drilled holes (with stoppers if you don't need to join them) so not having to to get a 1" circular drill bit to drill hols for the hose is a bonus. So now I would not buy any other make
  • Happy So Far 12/22/2020
    After reading reviews of similar butts from well known hardware stores I decided to buy from Even Greener hoping they were of better quality. They are solidly built and come with holes pre-drilled, unlike the other one I own. The drainpipe fixing kit came with good instructions. The stands are solid once the butts have some water in them. Happy with my purchase as the first one is already full and the overflow butt filling up nicely.
  • Great water butts but they have shrunk a little... 5/17/2019
    I bought these ~8 years ago and decided to add two more, the new ones are 2cm shorter so I had to put them on a board to raise them up to the same level, and prevent them overflowing. The new version does have plugged connection holes so no drilling is required which is great improvement. I needed to get an additional connection kit as I was one connector short from linking them to my two existing butts, but if you are planning on using them directly connected to the drain you will be fine. Taps are reliable and leak free, my 8 year old ones have faded a bit but are still going strong.
  • Slimline water butts 9/29/2018
    Had these butts for several years now very leased with them Went together easily. Have now recommended them to my daughter for her new garden.
  • good butt slim fit 5/19/2018
    had this for many many years finally given up the host so buying 2 more
  • Mini saver double water butt kit 4/15/2018
    I am very satisfied with these two 100 litre butts. I did not have too much of a problem fitting the rainsaver device into the down pipe but you do need to remove the fittings that attach the down pipe to the wall so that both peices of cut downpipe can be pulled right away from the wall. Otherwise it would be all but impossible to insert the device between the two peices of downpipe. The other minor issue was that the rubber seals where the tap screws into the butts tended to distort as you screw the taps in. The secret is to smear the seals with vaseline and screw the taps in very slowlly so they do not grip the seals and distort them. The stands are three peices that clip together but I beefed them up with some gorilla tape and once the barrels are full they are rock solid. It rained quite heavily for two days after fittiing the butts and both are now completely full. They appear to be pretty robust and should last some years and I am looking forward to reduced water bills from now on. Overall, I can highly recommed this kit.
  • Excellent Product 12/11/2017
    Everything needed to set up both waterbutts and link together. These will be used to collect water running off the garden shed. As the taps can be connected to a hosepipe I will take advantage of a short piece of hose connected to the tap to fill up the watering cans to make life easier for me due to the location of the butts. Everything supplied is of good quality and I will definitely return to your company when my large and very old water butts need replacing.