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Mini Rainsaver 100 litre Green Water Butt Kit


The Mini Rainsaver 100 Litre Water Butt Kit is ideal for use in smaller gardens or where space may be limited.

Channel the rainwater which falls on the roof of your home directly into the water butt, via the enclosed Rain Diverter Kit, which can then be used for watering the garden or other outdoor jobs.

The stand raises the water butt to make it easier to fit a watering can under the tap to fill it.

Made in the UK with a five-year guarantee, this slimline kit is supplied pre-drilled with easy-to-follow instructions, meaning fitting your Mini Rainsaver 100 Litre Water Butt Kit couldn't be simpler.

The kit includes a slimline water butt and tap, one three-part stand and one Rain Diverter Kit.

The Rain Diverter Kit fits standard 68mm (2.7") round plastic downpipes and 65mm (2.5") square plastic downpipes. Not suitable for cast iron downpipes.

Optional accessories available here Optional Harcostar Fast Flow Tap available here

We cannot guarantee that the appearance and/or colour of goods shown in our promotional literature or on our website exactly reproduce the appearance and/or colour of the physical goods themselves.

When setting up your water butt, please ensure that the full unit is sited on a flat, solid surface with no overhang or unevenness.


Mini Rainsaver specification
ModelCapacity (l)Height (mm)Height With Stand (mm)Diameter (mm)
Mini Rainsaver 100 Litre Water Butt Kit1009401210380
Rain Diverter Kit specification
Length (mm)Internal Diameter (mm)External Diameter (mm)
Rain Diverter Kit4801924
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Reviews (7)
  • Long delay in delivery, and how on earth do you fit the tap - apart from that pleased with it 7/26/2020
    Ordered at a time when delivery was estimated at 28 days. Due to CV pandemic it eventually turned up at around 42 days. If I'd known I would wait that long I wouldn't have ordered it from evengreener. Beware, the water outlet tap cannot be fitted from the inside as per other butts, as this butt is far too slim to reach inside to do that. The butt came with no instructions for fitting the tap. Eventually we realised that we needed to unscrew the blank that was screwed into the hole where the tap should go. You'd think that would be obvious - but as the blank was cross threaded and completely rock solid 'unshiftable' - it was not obvious at all! Our concern was that we would damage the butt by forcing it. After some discussion though, and realising that we could not face the fiasco of having to return the product (thrown away the packaging!) and waiting another 6 weeks for a replacement, we DID use brute force (a pair of pliers and a big spanner) and eventually got it to move little by little. After that it was plain sailing to screw in the tap and tighten it up with the lockable nut provided. Hurrah. The instructions to fit the diverter look simple and easy to follow, so tomorrow we will tackle that part. I'm giving 5 stars despite the hassle described above. I like that it's of UK manufacture and made from recycled plastic. It also appears to be sturdy, the stand is fine, and it fits neatly into the space we bought it for.
  • Great little butt 7/3/2020
    I already have three of these and am purchasing a fourth and they're reasonably priced too. One does have a rather stiff tap which even WD40 can't sort out, but they're small and unobtrusive and easily linked together which is what I intend to do.
  • Mini butt 12/14/2018
    I have now purchased two of your mini butts and am delighted with them. I needed an additional link between the two and received a most helpful response from Even Greener. Not only that but the items came very quickly and with no payment required. Thank you very much.
  • Read the small print - doesn't work for cast iron downpipes 9/10/2018
    I didn't read the small print on the website, and bought this even though we have a cast iron down pipe. As a layperson, with no previous experience of fitting a water butt, I assumed that it would fit any pipe. We have spent 2 hours cutting into the pipe, only to find that the water butt doesn't fit :-/
  • Butt for van 7/22/2018
    I am thinking of getting one of these water butts at my caravan but it hasn’t got a downplpe, can I extend the water diverter hose to connect it to the guttering.
  • Mini water butt 12/4/2017
    I bought two of these at my previous house and they were great as they were compact, well-made, saved having to install an outside tap. They were small enough to empty easily if they needed to be re-positioned.
  • An excellent item 11/27/2017
    I needed a water butt that would fit snugly against the wall of the house and not restrict access down the path.I was really pleased with this product,and will be purchasing a second one.