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Plinth for HotBin Mk2 200 litre Compost Bin

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Collecting the nutrient-rich liquid fertiliser from your HOTBIN has never been easier!

Collecting the nutrient-rich liquid fertiliser from your HOTBIN MK2 is now easier with the new HOTBIN Plinth. The Plinth raises your HOTBIN MK2 off the ground by 125mm (5 inches) providing easy access to slide a suitable receptacle underneath the HOTBIN tap when draining the liquid fertiliser.

Durable, sleek and hardwearing, situate the Plinth on a flat level surface and ease the HOTBIN MK2 into the contoured raised edges to provide a snug, firmly nested fit.

Made from Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) Lightweight - 96% air and 100% Recyclable Weatherproof, Durable & Hardwearingp>

For more information on the HotBin, including how to get started, please take a look at our HotBin composting guide. HotBin guide.

Additional features

  • Makes collecting liquid fertiliser easy
  • Quick and easy set up and install
  • Waterproof and all year round weatherproof

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