Green Johanna 330 Litre Compost Bin with Winter Jacket

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Hot compost all your food waste including bones, meat and fish into rich, organic produce with the Green Johanna 330 ... Read more

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Why we love this product

  • Comes with a jacket for extra warmth
  • Clever design to continue hot composting in sub-zero temperatures
  • Able to generate heat to break down more complex food waste


  • all weather composting
  • compost enhancing
  • eco-friendly

Hot compost all your food waste including bones, meat and fish into rich, organic produce with the Green Johanna 330 Litre Compost Bin. 

Over half of household rubbish is biodegradable. The Green Johanna will digest this waste for you, so you don't have to send it to landfill, lowering your environmental footprint in the process.

By using the Green Johanna 330 Litre Compost Bin, you'll be able to dispose of food waste immediately, breaking it down into moist, nutrient-rich compost to nurture your garden.

The kit comes with the Green Johanna Winter Jacket, made from polyethylene foam to keep your Green Johanna composting in the coldest of climates! Discover our full Green Johanna range here.

The Green Johanna Winter Jacket should be fitted when the outdoor temperature falls consistently below 5°C, and is cleverly designed to keep the Green Johanna insulated, ensuring the composting process continues even when down to minus 25°C! Please note, the jacket should be removed when the outdoor temperature is consistently above 10°C.

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  • Holds up to 330 litres of composting material 
  • Cone shaped design ensures food waste falls evenly into the composter, allowing for good air circulation 
  • Includes a base plate and lid which allows you to increase airflow into the composter when needed
  • Sliding doors at the lower section of the Green Johanna allow for easy emptying once your compost is ready
  • Reaches high temperatures, allowing for hot composting to take place 
Model (l)Base Diameter (mm)Lid Diameter (mm)Height (mm)
330 Litre900520950
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Key Points

  • This hot composter won the Which? Best Buy for Compost Bins in 2021.

  • Has been expertly designed in Sweden to produce premium standard, rich compost.

  • With a winter jacket available, you can keep your Green Johanna insulated to compost through the coldest of weather.

Top Tip
Fill the Green Johanna two layers of food waste to every one layer of garden waste to break it all down most efficiently.

Quick Facts

  • The round shape ensures heat spreads evenly throughout the composter and there are no 'cold corners'.

  • Manufactured in the UK from 100% recycled plastic.

  • Has an expected lifespan of 10 years or longer.