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RainBowl Flower 150 litre Slate Water Butt Kit

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Collect 150 litres of water with this vase shaped water butt!

A sharp and elegant addition to any garden, the RainBowl Flower 150 litre Water Butt Kit can hold up to 150 litres of water.

Based on the Rainbowl but with added 180mm deep planting space on the top, gardeners can place large stones and plants on top of the waterbutt. A small drain hole in the centre allows excess water to fall into the water butt, this can be covered with large stones, mesh or other material depending on the planting design.

Supplied with a chrome tap this kit includes a grey Rain Collector Universal allowing the butt to fit naturally into any garden! Fitting round downpipe sizes from 68mm to 100mm and 65mm square downpipes the Rain Collector Universal comes supplied with all required connectors, washers and a 32mm flat drill bit to get you started!


RainBowl Flower 150 litre Water Butt Kit
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