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Terracottage 160 litre Wall Mounted Water Butt

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Save water and space with this 160 Litre Wall Mounted Water Butt, a stylish addition to any garden.

This designer water butt from Gutter Mate fixes securely to to your wall at the perfect height for emptying into a watering can or attaching a hosepipe.

Sold with a 1 year guarantee, the slimline design is perfect for gardens with limited space and with a sizeable 160 litre capacity, you don't need to compromise on storage.

The 160 Litre Wall Mounted Water Butt comes complete with a child-safe lid and all the fittings you need to make sure it is securely mounted. It also has an easy twist tap and three outlet connections at the bottom of the water butt.

All you need is a drill and a rain diverter kit and you're ready to go.

Please note: when the Terracottage water butt is full of water, the weight needing to the supported is 170kg. The customer is also responsible for determining if the wall on which the water butt is to be mounted is of adequate strength. If the wall is not vertical and flat where the Terracottage water butt is to be fitted, such as a rough-cut stone wall, the wall should be prepared to allow the back of the water butt to sit flat and in a vertical position flat against the wall, or a backing plate, for the length and width of the back of the water butt. As suppliers we take no responsibility for this determination.


Wall Mounted Water Butt specification
ModelCapacity (l)Height (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)
Wall Mounted Water Butt1601220450300
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