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Water Butts shouldn't have to be an eyesore, our award-winning tiered watering systems combine gardening with water saving in one unique system. Each Water Butt from Rainwater Terrace rainwater collection enables you to reuse valuable rainwater and grow your own plants in one stylish unit.The Water Butt Columns from Kingspan also offer a decorative solution to water saving. Available in cream and green, they have the ability to collect over 300 litres of rainwater discreetly. Choose your favourite design and reimagine your garden: greener, cheaper and more stylish than ever before. Collect rainwater in stylish containers that enhance your outdoor space.

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  • Black Rainwater Terrace 3 Tier
    Item No. RAINTERR3TIERB In stock
    A new concept in rainwater collection and 'grow-your-own' sustainability.