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Gutter Mate Black Rain Diverter

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Forget teetering on ladders and using a bell type strainer in the top of your drainpipe. With the Gutter Mate Black Rain Diverter you can collect rainwater in your water butt and keep your gutters and drainpipes free from leaves and debris at the same time.

With a slide fit assembly, the filter is easily installed to collect the rainwater that falls on your house. The filter basket collects the sand, grit, moss and leaves that are washed down the drainpipe. It can be visually inspected without dismantling and is easily cleaned in just 30 seconds at ground level.

The Gutter Mate Black Rain Diverter will fit square downpipes (up to 75mm), round downpipes (between 65mm and 80mm diameter) and rectangular downpipes (76mm x 50mm), ensuring that only filtered rain water will reach your water butt. This also prevents dirt accumulating in your water butt and blocking the tap.

For more information regarding installation, please download the following installation instructions.


Gutter Mate specification
ModelHose Length (mm)Hose Diameter(internal) (mm)
Gutter Mate48025
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