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Lid for Cloudburst 200 litre Water Butt

Item No. CL20LBLK

Replacement lid for use with the Cloudburst 200 litre Water Butt.


  • Lid for Cloudburst 200 litre Water Butt
  • Black Recycled Plastic


Lid for Cloudburst Water Butt specification.
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Reviews (2)
  • It's a lid, it's a lid for a bin, for what else would one use it... Read on ... 11/7/2017
    Believe it or not, we bought this not for its intended purpose (!), but to act as a birdseed spillover collector, with the intention of avoiding wastage. And it's doing it's job, with a bit of modification via a craft knife ( needed to make a hole into which we could stick the bird-feeder spike ). Which is nice :-)
  • Lid Heaven 11/7/2017
    Just what I needed - I like the cutouts in the lid