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Blackwall Composters

Blackwall Composters are award-winning bestsellers, and for good reason too. They are made from up to 100% recycled plastic, and UV-stabilised to help them endure through wind and rain.

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Circular Waste System

Reduce Food Waste

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Harcostar Water Butts

Harcostar is a premium brand offering the widest range of water butt capacities at EvenGreener. These top quality water butts are available in both black and green, ranging from 114 to 227 litre capacities, with a 5-year guarantee.

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Channels Rainwater

Spring-Operated Lid

Mini Rainsaver Water Butts

Mini Rainsaver Water Butts are slim and compact, perfect for water saving and storage on smaller properties.

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Perfect for Smaller Homes

3 Different Colours

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Straight Kitchen Caddies

Chances are, you've met Straight before. This brand supplies councils around the country with waste saving solutions, including wheelie bins and kerbside recycling boxes.

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Promotes Circular Economy

Minimise Food Waste

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Cloudburst Water Butts

Cloudburst water butts are a popular choice amongst seasoned gardeners. Cloudburst is the perfect choice for a family home, and is available to size up with a double kit too.

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Size Adjustable

The Bestsellers Collection

Our Bestsellers collection includes some of best known brands, such as Blackwall, Cloudburst, Harcostar and Mini Rainsaver. All of our bestsellers are made from post consumer recycled plastic and are manufactured right here in the UK. Start your journey towards an EvenGreener lifestyle today with these brilliant food waste and water saving solutions.

Our Bestsellers

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