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Our Blackwall, Rainsaver and Harcostar products are made from 100% recycled plastic. Including a combination of plastics collected by councils from waste sites, kerbside collections as well as industrial waste such as old gas pipes and car bumpers!

Our Harcostar water butts are a premium brand that offers the highest quality in water butts

Great quality water butts without splashing out!

Compost bins, compost caddies and more with Evengreener.com

Welcome to evengreener.com - Specialists in water butts, compost bins and garden products and wheelie bins for over 20 years.

Evengreener has a wide selection of water butts and tanks, wall-mounted water butts, decorative waterbutts and space saving waterbutts, compost bins, wheelie bins, dustbins, and food waste solutions to assist you in becoming evengreener.

Harcostar 10ltr Watering Can
Item No. WCAN10GRN01ROSE01