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  • Woman holding kitchen and household waste  | Recycling


    Waste contributing to climate change

    Our products transform waste to benefit the planet and help you lead an EvenGreener lifestyle

    • Landfills are a huge problem

      Heavily polluting greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere

    • 9 million tonnes of food is wasted yearly in the UK

      70% of this food waste ends up rotting away in landfill

    • 3 billion litres of water is wasted daily in the UK

      Putting increasing pressure on conserving water at home

  • EvenGreener supports a circular, green economy by converting waste into useful produce.


    Waste management and recycling

    We’re here to help you enjoy a brighter, cleaner future

    • We support a circular, green economy

      By redirecting waste material away from landfill

    • Transform your waste into nutrient-rich compost

      Via our range of premium, durable compost bins

    • Reuse and recycle rainwater for your home

      Using and conserving Earth's precious, natural resources

    Our impact

Why EvenGreener?

For over 20 years we have innovated to create premium products that minimise your environmental footprint and benefit our planet.

Supporting circular economy

Transforming waste into useful produce

Manufactured in the UK

100% locally sourced recycled plastic

Market leader for 20+ years

First-rate service and expertise

Minimising carbon footprints

In the fight against climate change

  • Blackwall green composters in a garden

    What people are saying

    Plastic free July, day 26. The other day I invested in a composter from EvenGreener. Crouching like a dalek at the back of the garden, it now means I can compost those materials that are ‘fully compostable’. This includes biodegradable nappies apparently as well as some sorts of plastic alternative packaging.

    Hedgewild UK

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  • EvenGreener reviews Bokashi Twin pack

    What people are saying

    Very happy my Bokashi compost bin has arrived it means I can now compost all my left over food 🎉

    Laura @growing_happiness_uk

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  • image

    What people are saying

    Does my butt look big in this?! Ready to harvest the autumn/winter rains @evengreener_store

    Simon @theothersimoncowell

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