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    What people are saying

    I love EvenGreener. It is fully affordable and gives plenty ideas to make your garden environmentally friendly.

    D. Beunard

    Our Commitment
  • EvenGreener Green  Mini Rainsaver Review

    What people are saying

    These are the second and third water butts we have bought from EvenGreener. Good quality, come with everything you need to get them installed. Really quick delivery. Will definitely buy from you again.

    Karen W.

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Recycle your way towards an EvenGreener future

  • Woman holding kitchen and household waste | Recycling at EvenGreener


    Waste contributing to climate change

    Our composters transform waste into beneficial produce for your gardens and our planet, helping you lead an EvenGreener lifestyle

    • Landfills are a huge problem

      Heavily polluting greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere

    • 9 million tonnes of food is wasted yearly in the UK

      70% of this food waste ends up rotting away in landfill

    • 3 billion litres of water is wasted daily in the UK

      Putting increasing pressure on conserving water at home

  • Combat food waste with EvenGreener.


    Waste management and recycling

    We’re here to help you enjoy a brighter, cleaner future

    • We support a circular, green economy

      By redirecting waste material away from landfill

    • Transform your waste into nutrient-rich compost

      Via our range of premium, durable compost bins

    • Reuse and recycle rainwater for your home

      Using and conserving Earth's precious, natural resources

    Our impact

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