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Thermo Composters

This brand creates large, heavy duty composters that are amazingly easy to assemble, and maintain a steady temperature all year round.

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Compost Enhancing

Large Capacity

HotBin Composters

Want rich, nutrient dense compost within 90 days? HotBin is the brand for you.

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Composts Meat & Fish

Compost Enhancing

Maze Composting

Maze create accessible, family friendly products that are designed to make composting easier and more enjoyable.

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Accessible for All

Team with Nature

Green Johanna Composter

Designed to trap heat, Green Johanna products allow you to compost a wide range of food waste, including animal bones & garden waste.

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Works Year Round

Composts Meat & Fish

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At EvenGreener, we consider two things when it comes to selecting brands and products: our customers and the planet. Sustainable living is not a one size fits all, and that's why we offer such a wide variety of brands to suit a range of needs, abilities, and ages.

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