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Explore our amazing community of climate-conscious gardeners who are saving water and reducing food waste. Learn how our composting and water saving systems work and discover why they're so beneficial for you, your garden, and the planet.

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Whether you live in a flat or a terrace, the Bokashi system makes reducing food waste easy for everyone!

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Reducing food waste, nourishing soil...what's not to love about our composters?

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    Wondering how gardening can improve your mental health? We spoke to Leigh, keen gardener and mental health advocate to find out!

    EvenGreener X The Beardy Gardener

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    Water storage upgrade! These two 200 litre water butts came from @evengreener_store and at a great price. I now have five 200 litre water butts around the garden, but I feel with these longer dry spells I'm going to need some more soon.

    Tom @oakcottagejungle

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    With our Rainwater Terrace Tutorial!

    Watch how to set up these beautiful Rainwater Terrace Tiered Water Butts, for a stylish and water-savvy feature.

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