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Thermo Composters

Thermo named some of their products ‘Thermo-King’ for good reason. Their capacity to host up to 900 litres of compost at any one time have made them a standout composter for anyone searching for a heavy-duty composter that can withstand just about anything.All Thermo composters have an optimised ventilation system to maintain the ideal composting temperature throughout the year. An optional base plate is also available to speed up the composting process as the bases allow microorganisms to effortlessly access your waste.Oh, and did we mention that all Thermo composters are created with an easy-lock system, so no tools required to assemble! To ensure we continue to provide the best value without harming the planet, we drop ship our Thermo products.

Thermo 400 litre Base Plate
Item No. TK400BASED
Thermo 600 litre Base Plate
Item No. TK600BASED
Thermo 900 litre Base Plate
Item No. TK900BASED