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With the festive season approaching, the act of indulging in food, drinks, gifts, and spending is never encouraged more than at Christmas. For all the positivity that we spread through the joyful season, Christmas will unfortunately always provide us with one huge downfall: waste.

Perhaps underappreciated, but increasingly important, our home and office recycling range is essential in tackling the rise of waste that is piling up our streets, cities, landfill, and oceans. To catalyse the change that’s needed, we’re offering 10% off our entire recycling range from the 1st to the 6th of November only, to get you in the recycling spirit.

To put this change that’s needed into perspective, here are a few Christmas waste facts which we could really do with putting a stop to:

  • An additional 30% of rubbish is produced and discarded throughout the festive season in comparison to the rest of the year
  • Over 100 million bags of rubbish are sent to landfill each Christmas
  • Around 54 million platefuls of food will be discarded
  • The UK throws away roughly 500 million tonnes of Christmas lights each year
  • Approximately £42 million of unwanted Christmas presents are thrown out to landfill each year
  • Brits will throw around 108 million rolls of wrapping paper away every Christmas
(Source: Christmas packaging facts: the definitive list (updated for 2022) (gwp.co.uk))

We know the figures are pretty startling, and we also know that amongst the release of the new iPhone 14 with its 48-mexapixel camera, and the 3-in-1 air purifier, fan and heater built into the Dyson HP04, a new recycling bin might not be at the top of your Christmas wish list this year.

However, what our wheelie bins and kerbside boxes may lack in glamour, they certainly make up for in robustness, providing you with the perfect kit of sustainable tools to make your household recycling much more efficient this Christmas. Our diverse range enables you to redirect a wide selection of waste away from landfill and into more eco-minded recycling centres to keep materials spinning away in the circular economy.

To kick off our EvenGreener November sale, we’ll walk you through our recycling range to spur you on through a Christmas and beyond of sustainable waste management. First up, our Home Recycling kits

Home Recycling 

Manufactured in our Yorkshire-based factory, our colourful range of recycling boxes are the perfect addition for any family looking to tidy up their home pre, post, and during Christmas. Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic, these kerbside boxes are great for keeping your home clutter-free. Available in 40 or 55 litre sizes, so whether you’re using them for storing paperwork, kids toys, dog treats, or just empty cans and bottles, they can find a wide range of uses for you to get your money’s worth.

 Kerbside 40L Box

Straight 40 Litre Kerbside Box - buy yours here!

One of our more unusual, innovative products is the 3 Litre Cooking Oil Recycling Container, as seen below. In a sleek green finish, the container is perfect for upping your kitchen recycling game, storing various types of cooking and kitchen oils to be reused, minimising waste and clogged drains too! The modern, yet simplistic design makes this the perfect eco-friendly gift for someone this Christmas. Shop here

3L Oil Recycling Container

3 Litre Cooking Oil Recycling Container - buy yours here!

Office Recycling 

Embedding an environmentally conscious recycling culture into your workplace can do wonders for the health of our planet. Our EcoSort recycling bins, available in 60 or 70 litre sizes, have lids to differentiate for ‘general waste’, ‘paper’, and ‘mixed recycling’, making your waste management much easier and more convenient.

Not just suited for the office, bring your EcoSort recycling bin home with you over Christmas. An abundance of waste will unfortunately be sent to landfill this year to rot and trap even more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, so here’s a great opportunity to manage your own recycling system through this year’s festive period.

Wheelie & Recycling Bins 

The staple of our recycling range. The mother of all things waste. The holy wheelie bin has served as a beacon of our sustainable waste management society for generations. Whether you’re looking to dispose of garden waste, paper, glass, plastic, or hazardous chemicals, we have the bin for you. Available in either a sturdy 140 litre, or a whopping 240 litre size, your bin can take proud centre stage this Christmas and make lightwork of a whole host of wrapping paper, food waste, empty bottles, boxes and much more.

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