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With summer in full flow, what better way to enjoy the sunny outdoors than to convert your green outdoor space into a luscious, vibrant, staycation-esque oasis. We’ve devised a list of gardening tips for you to put this picture into practice, and get the best for your home this summer. 

Summer Trimming

During the warmer months, it’s advised you trim your perennials, to rejuvenate some life into them and keep their strength and vigour up to ensure they flower for longer this summer. This can be followed up by deadheading flowering plants to remove their spent flowers. This can simply be done by pinching the stem between your thumb and forefinger, or pruning the stems with tools, should they be slightly tougher and more reluctant to give way. The idea here is to promote stronger, healthier flowering and re-blooming within the plant by channeling energy away from seed production, and into future flower production. 

Water with Caution 

Inspect your soil before you start watering. If healthy, you probably won’t need to water as much as you think. We recommend watering in the early morning or evening, as the heat of the midday may quickly evaporate the water and lead to shallow rooting. Gardeners suggest one to two inches a week is optimum in the peak of summer. 

Similarly, there’s a strong urge amongst gardeners to avoid a lot of digging in dry weather, as this damages the structure of your soil which may lead to an increase in moisture loss and disruption of your plants’ roots. 

Our fully automated Irrigatia watering system uses solar power to detect the weathering conditions and alter its watering cycle accordingly. Available in the C12 model, the system cleverly provides your plants with the precise amount of irrigation to keep your garden thriving throughout the sunnier, drier months. Take a look at the Irrigatia C12 Watering System here


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Fertilise for the Season 

In case we’re lucky enough for some blistering heat and sun in the UK this summer, this may lead to a depletion of energy and nutrients in your soil and plants. Fear not, fertilising your garden with our range of composters and accessories is a sure fire way to rejuvenate some life back into your plants during the summer months. 

Your plants will love a mid-season feed of nutrient-rich compost, or a drink of our Be Green Compost Maker to stimulate their growth and put some much needed healthy, organic properties into their system.  


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During the mid-summer stage, adding a thin layer of compost throughout your soil, roughly one inch away from your plants is one of our best gardening tips to provide them with the correct nutrition without disturbing the root system. Following this by layering mulch on top of the compost will keep the soil moist and dense of the nourishment your garden requires. 

If you’re looking for a new composter, you’re in the right place. We supply a diverse range of products to accommodate for all garden and household sizes and needs, ranging from our bestselling Blackwall Compost Converter, in both 220 and 330 litre models, to our selection of hot composters, such as the 330 litre Green Johanna, and HotBins; available in 100 and 200 litre sizes. Shop our composters to transform your kitchen and organic waste into valuable compost and feed for your garden, additionally diverting it away from landfill to reduce your environmental footprint in the process. 


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Start Sowing some Seeds

Brighten up your allotment with some fresh produce this summer. Runner beans, courgettes, carrots, radishes, and lettuce should all grow smoothly for you during the warmer months. It’s worth doing your research beforehand though, as all crops require different growing conditions – such as the partial shade carrots require to thrive, and the heavy soil beetroot and spinach like to indulge in for a successful season of growing. 

Team Up with Wildlife 

Nurturing and accommodating wildlife in your garden has an abundance of benefits for all involved. Not only will it save the declining numbers of our native species, wildlife also acts as a natural pest control, preventing the need for spraying harmful chemicals throughout your garden. 

Experts at Sussex Wildlife Trust indicate four gardening tips for wildlife to thrive in your garden – food, water, shelter, and a place to breed. Should you provide just some of those, it’s a step in the right direction for creating a safe haven for nature to flourish. Little additions to your garden may include bird baths, the popular new surge of ‘bee hotels’, insect farms, or simply creating cool, damp spots for amphibians, and keeping mud out for house martins to develop their nests with. 

We have an array of products here at EvenGreener that have been designed with nature in mind, enabling us to work together for a brighter future for us all. View our extensive selection of wormeries here, including the Can-O-Worms series, Maze Worm Farm, and our diverse range of Subpods


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Teaming up with worms is a brilliant way to convert your food and organic waste, whilst also being fun for all the family to get involved in too. Our range of Subpods vary to accommodate for all sizes of gardens, homes, and quantities of food waste.


Minimise the Weeds

Warm weather and a sprinkling of rain can really encourage weed growth. The more they grow, the more nutrients and space they will steal from your more lucrative plants and flowers, so it’s important to minimise their spread of disruption. 

Little and often is our recommended approach when tackling weeds, so sticking to a regular system of cutting them back will save you one heck of a job at the back end of summer. Applying mulch, cultivating, and using weed mats will all prove effective too, but commitment is key when working towards a weed-‘free’ garden.

So, there’s a few tips and tricks to ensure your garden is looking spruce this summer. We have all the composters, water butts, food waste converting systems, and recycling solutions to ensure you’re living sustainably this year and beyond, so browse our range to commit to an EvenGreener lifestyle. We are all in the fight against climate change together, so prep your home with the best products to help you become part of the solution, not pollution this summer; ensuring the quest to protecting our planet starts in our very own garden.

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