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A big thank you to everyone that helped us to make positive environmental changes during our EvenGreener November campaign.

As our second annual sales event, it was incredibly important for us to provide an environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional Black Friday sales. So, we planted trees for every order, we wrote blog posts, we Instagrammed our top tips and we cut the prices of our bestselling water butts, composters and more to ensure that sustainable living was accessible to everyone. 

Think of this as the equivalent of Spotify unwrapped for your garden: but instead of being rewarded for listening to music with a list of boring names and percentages, you can find out exactly how your journey to an EvenGreener lifestyle is positively affecting the planet.


So here are all the numbers you need to know about how you contributed to the restoration of the planet in November. 


PLANTED: 2000 trees.


EvenGreener planted 2000 trees in November to offset carbon emissions over the Black Friday season.

During this busy time of the year, it is all too easy to buy in bulk and forget the environmental consequences of unnecessary packaging and next day delivery. As a result, there were around 385,000 tonnes of carbon released this Black Friday due to deliveries alone. 

Whilst we can’t change what other businesses do, we can make changes within our own company to ensure we don't contribute to excessive carbon emissions. Planting trees is just one way we have worked throughout the year to become a sustainable brand.


 SAVED: Over 20,000,000 litres of rainwater.


That’s the volume of water that EvenGreener customers will collectively save every single year - all from investing in water saving systems this November.

That’s roughly the same amount of water that flows in the River Thames!

Not only has this led to hundreds of customers starting a water saving journey that will reduce water consumption, but they will also be cutting down their water bills in the process. On average, running water costs £1.38 per hour, but by recycling rainwater, far less water is needed, and this reduces household bills.


FOUND: 500% increase in hot composting


We had our suspicions, but EvenGreener November confirmed how we’re all turning up the heat in the garden.

Whether you want to compost more throughout the year or you need your composter to keep at the same quick speed throughout the winter months, hot composters are an ideal solution, so it’s no wonder that hot composter sales soared throughout 2021. 

During our EvenGreener November promotion, we found a 500% increase in hot composter purchases in 2021, compared to the same month in 2020. We can’t wait to see if this increases again next year.


SUPPORTED: 3 different countries.


Madagascar, Mozambique and Kenya are three countries that will all benefit from our EvenGreener forest. 2000 trees will be planted across the three countries as part of our promise to plant a tree for every order placed in November 2021.


WROTE: 4,000 words.


That’s the same number of words that you’d find in a chapter of your favourite book.

This November, the EvenGreener lifestyle blog provided around 4,000 words through blog posts to help you start your sustainability journey and answer any questions you may have had. 

If you missed any of our blog posts, here’s a reminder of some of the topics covered throughout EvenGreener November.

  • Our promise to the planet this Black Friday
  • 8 Reasons to Start Composting in November
  • Essential winter maintenance for your water butt and garden
  • How to choose a perfect composter and water butt for your needs
  • When is it time to upgrade my garden?


 CREATED: 3600 litres of compost


That’s the minimum amount of compost that will be created from broken down food waste each year as a result of our EvenGreener November offers. 

It’s also the weight of the average hippopotamus, or one and a half giraffes.

If we could feed safari animals our leftovers, it would be far more entertaining, but we’re content with using a composter to break down our household waste for the time being. 


CONFIRMED: 75,000 people living EvenGreener


“Demand went through the roof at the start of the pandemic. Sales from evengreener.com surged from 50,000 in 2019 to 75,000 in 2020. It was initially out of necessity when councils paused collecting garden waste, but we’ve seen a real shift in how people are thinking about their waste.”

Head of E-Business at EvenGreener, Jenny Brayshaw, was interviewed by the BBC earlier this year as part of a composting report. She explained that the shift in demand went “through the roof” for sustainable waste products at the start of the pandemic, but it now appears the trend is here to stay.

“We’ve changed our approach more towards educating people about why and how to compost and what the benefits are.”

The incredible stats from our EvenGreener November initiative have only confirmed that we’re all getting greener as the months go on - which is great news for the planet!





That’s all it takes to make a difference. 

We don’t care if you’ve never recycled before or if you’re a zero-waste warrior: the journey to an ‘evengreener’ world depends on every one of us trying to do that little bit more every day to cut down our wastage.

At EvenGreener, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of products for beginners and professionals, for all garden sizes.  

To start your composting or water saving journey and become a part of these sustainable statistics, you can find everything you need on the EvenGreener website, including tips on how to maintain your products over the winter months.



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