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I live in York city centre with my husband in a terraced town house. Although there’s just the two of us, I would describe myself as a keen recycler so I found that my recycling boxes were getting particularly full at the end of each fortnight.

In York, we just have the one black bin for household waste, plus three recycling boxes – one for paper and cardboard, one for plastic and tin and one for glass (which gets particularly full of bottles from time to time!). York City Council will take extra but it has to be in a box or in a clear bag, which can prove impossible to find.

The week when the recycling boxes would be collected used to be a nightmare! We had to carry the heavy boxes through the house and it was really awkward to get things around the doors. If it had been raining, they used to drip all over the floor. The alternative was carrying them right round the block of terraces which was a real headache as it would take three journeys (or two super-precarious ones in my husband’s case!).

I’ve just had a makeover for my back yard, with lovely resin flooring and potted olive trees so using the recycling boxes really got me down as they wouldn’t stack and looked really ugly.

Now I have my amazing ‘wheely-trolley’ – my Triple Stack recycling boxes from EvenGreener. They can be stacked neatly and have access hatches, so you don’t have to move them to get things in and it just hides around the corner.

They didn’t sell directly to customers at the time so I emailed them and I’m so impressed they got in touch as soon as it became available.

On Recycling Day, all I do is unlock my gate, wheel my trolley around to the front and take off my boxes. Then I wheel it back around to my back yard to be safely locked away in its special place again.

I suffer from a bad back, so it’s really been a godsend. Before, if my husband wasn’t in, it really was a struggle and he is just so pleased he hasn’t got the regular chore of carrying out our bottles and cans in the rain!

I wouldn’t think it’s too much to say the Triple Stack has revolutionised my life and I can’t sing its praises highly enough.

If you have recycling woes like Lara, we may have the product to help here at EvenGreener. Simply call our customer care team on 0800 316 4454 or email customer.care@evengreener.com.

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