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Celebrate National Gardening Week and the power of the flowers this spring with these five beautiful bloomers to brighten up your garden during the warmer months. With these planted, you’ll be set for a May, June, and beyond of dazzling, long-lasting colours to gain some garden-cred from your neighbours. 

Here’s a look at five of our favourites flowers which are all surefire ways to reward your garden with some visual and practical success, whilst saving you time against replacing plants with shorter flowering seasons too. Just remember, if you’re going on holiday, or can be a little forgetful with feeding your plants, or simply don’t have bags of time to spend watering, our Irrigatia C12 Solar Automatic Watering System can be the perfect eco-friendly, watering aid to provide your plants with the precise irrigation to keep them thriving. Take a look here

Anyway, back to the flowers! 


Known for their pretty, daisy-like appearance, Erigerons come in many shapes, sizes, and varieties, but the most widely recognised is the Erigeron karvinskianus. Starting out as a fresh white colour, they gently turn pink as they start to age, and are native to the sunny climates of Mexico and Central America, but fortunately grow well in sunny, dry spots throughout the UK too. 

Erigerons are as easygoing as flowers come, with a low maintenance spirit which warmly attracts bees, butterflies, and other pollinators to collaborate with nature and keep a healthy ecosystem thriving in your garden. 

We recommend growing your Erigeron in sunny, or partially shaded areas of your garden in well-drained soil. Erigeron can grow well in pots too, where their low-growing shoots can pour over the edge of the pot to enact a lovely, lazy visual for your garden. It can also look great if grown as edging in a border, in a gravel garden, or in a coastal garden too! 

Erigeron karvinskianus 

Geranium Rozanne 

Another easy-goer, the Rozanne is a plant anybody and everybody can grow. With a strong constitution and ability to withstand, if not thrive in a multitude of different conditions, she’s really not a plant to be missing out on in your spring gardening this year. 

With a toughness to handle the surge of the summer sun, whilst also taking the wake of winter’s wet and coldness, the Rozanne won’t worry about a little bit of under-watering, so is about as versatile as you could hope for in a perennial plant which will last you for years to come. 

As long as you place your Rozanne outdoors, with a supply of natural light, she’ll be happy. Acting as a perfect border plant, your Rozanne will inject a beautiful spray of blue colours throughout your garden, as her dense growing habits can spread throughout large areas of your outdoor oasis. Take advantage of this growth by planting her in pots, hanging baskets, and window boxes, and watching her spill over the edge to create the rugged wilderness feel which is becoming so popular amongst modern landscape designers. 

Geranium Rozanne


The Coreopsis is a brilliant low-maintenance, long-blooming flower to fill out a bed, line, or border in your garden this spring and beyond. They grow in upright clumps, and explode in a mass of bright, daisy-like flowers to add some exotic depth to your garden, being native to North, Central, and South America. 

Coreopsis will additionally attract birds, bees, and butterflies in a gathering of wildlife in your garden, as they feast on the seeds of the flower and are captivated by the colourful blooms they produce. 

We recommend to plant your Coreopsis in spring time, after the winter frost has been and gone. They have a moderate growth rate, and will start to bloom in the early summer and repeat this periodically through the winter. Choose a section of your garden which gets lots of sun, and has good soil drainage to enhance the succession of their growth. 



A spring and summer bloomer, the hydrangeas has a lovely, bright show appeal which will endure all weather conditions and still remain as elegant and stunning on the other end. Growing up to 15 feet in height, the hydrangeas grows quickly and will cover your chosen garden space in just one summer. 

Early spring is a great time to plant your hydrangeas, particularly in the early morning or late afternoon to provide the flower with some protection against heat stress. A little pickier in terms of location, if you can find a spot which receives general shelter, but with sunny mornings and shady afternoons, your hydrangeas will reward you with a succulent, gorgeous blossom of colours and visuals. 

Your hydrangeas will grow well in soil rich in organic properties, with good access to drainage. It’s also important to keep the soil moist, as over-watering causes the flower problems, and increases the likelihood of an unfortunate, quick death, so it’s worth doing your homework with these beauties to keep them looking their best! 


Perennial Wallflowers 

Perennial wallflowers not only flower through summer, but have also been known to bloom throughout the whole year too, making them an excellent, long-lasting floral display for your garden this spring and beyond. 

Commonly grown as a spring bedding plant, complementing spring bulbs beautifully, perennial wallflowers should be grown from seed in late spring, and planted out in the autumnal months where their bright sparks of colour will bring new exuberant life to your outdoor space. 

Adding to their charm, perennial wallflowers also provide a rich source of nectar, luring in an abundance of bees, butterflies, and other insects to keep your garden’s eco-system booming. 

We recommend planting your perennial wallflowers between May and September, positioning them in moist, well-drained soil in full sun to partial shade to get the most successful growth. 

Perennial wallflowers 


So, there’s our top five spring blooming flowers to brighten up your garden through the sunnier months and get your outside during National Gardening Week. Not only do these flowers look amazing, but they’re also brilliant ways to accommodate for some nature in your garden to keep the invaluable population of birds and insects thriving. Feeding nature’s soul will brighten yours in reward, so do your bit in making our planet EvenGreener; grow some flowery bloomers, plant a tree, harvest and reuse rainwater, transform food waste, and recycle your way towards a brighter, cleaner future for us all. 

In joy or sadness, flowers are our constant friends - Okakura Kakuzo

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