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Maze 245 litre Compost Tumbler

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Complete with two composting chambers, air vents and a reinforced barrel, this sturdy Compost Tumbler has been designed by Maze in Australia.

With two sections inside giving a total capacity of 245 litres, you can fill the first compartment until full and while it is maturing, go on to fill the second chamber which allows for a continuous cycle of composting.

The air vents maximise the air flow through the tumbler which helps the aerobic process of composting. The tumbler has large sliding doors which allow easy access when adding waste and harvesting the compost so together with the unique gear and handle system, these features make tumbling your waste a pleasure!

The frame is powder-coated zinc and its angled design gives the best possible access from the side so perfect for collecting in a bucket or barrow to distribute where you need it.

Maze's distinct and contemporary design makes it perfect for all types of garden and gardeners!


Maze Compost Tumbler specification
ModelCapacity (l)Height (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)
Maze Compost Tumbler24511301050710
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