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GutterFlo Gutter Guard With Clips


The GutterFlo Gutter Guard with Clips is the perfect solution to blocked gutters. A simple, yet highly effective prot... Read more

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Why we love this product

  • Strong yet flexible gutter protection that's easy to fit
  • Filters out leaves, pine needles, and other debris
  • UV-protected for land-lasting performance


  • easy to cut
  • flexible
  • strong

The GutterFlo Gutter Guard with Clips is the perfect solution to blocked gutters. A simple, yet highly effective protection from leaves and other debris to ensure rainwater can flow freely through.

Coming as a 4m gutter mesh roll, which can easily be cut to shape, the GutterFlo's unique clip design allows it to be easily and securely fit to most types of guttering. Incredibly versatile, you can fit the gutter guard above and below tiles, or above roofing felt/eave trays, or alternatively curved into your gutter.

The clip-on gutter guard has been expertly designed and rigorously tested to ensure it won't restrict flow rate, and complies with Building Regulation requirements to maintain British Standard flow rate. For these reasons, it remains a highly popular alternative to other solutions such as gutter brushes.

  • Prevents blocked gutters with no reduction in rate of flow
  • 4m x 110mm mesh roll is easy to cut to size
  • Complies with Building Regulations flow rate requirements
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GutterFlo Gutter Guard With Clips


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