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Maze 180 Litre Tumbler & Cart Bundle


Pair your Maze 180 Litre Compost Tumbler up with the nifty, easily maneuverable Maze 55 Litre Composting Cart, to mak... Read more

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  • Perfect bundle for convenient gardening
  • Compost all year round
  • Durable and hardwearing products


  • durable
  • easy gardening
  • sleek design

Pair your Maze 180 Litre Compost Tumbler up with the nifty, easily maneuverable Maze 55 Litre Composting Cart, to make your home gardening easier than ever.

The Maze 180 litre tumbler is just the composter you need for rich, nutrient-dense compost. With a dual operating chamber, once the first compartment is full, you can start to fill the second to ensure for a constant cycle of compost production.

With an easy turn of the handle, you can keep the waste in your tumbler aerated, producing higher quality compost thanks to a more regular flow of oxygen.

Both chambers feature a sliding door for easy access, and multiple built-in air vents to enrich the compost with oxygen. The chambers include an auto-lock system, restricting your produce from any unwanted pests or rodents in your garden.

The metal frame supporting the Maze 180 litre tumbler is zinc-coated, providing protection from moisture for the metal underneath, whilst the barrel is made from 90% recycled plastic, and is UV-protected for long-term durability.

The Maze 55 Litre Composting Cart sits low to the ground, and is the perfect companion for emptying the contents of your tumbler into it, before it's easily carted around your garden to where it needs to be. Use it for transporting anything, making it a great wheelbarrow alternative, as it's much lighter too.

  • Powder coated with zinc to ensure it stands up against the elements
  • Double chamber to allow for constant composting 
  • Elevated off the ground, perfect fit for cart underneath
  • Designed to optimise aeration via vents and handle
ModelHeight (mm)Width (mm)
180 Litre Tumbler1,090910

ModelHeight (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)
55 Litre Composting Cart890655580
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Maze 180L Tumbler & 55L Cart bundle

Maze 180 Litre Tumbler & Cart Bundle


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