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Best Selling Water Butts

A child using a water butt

UK’s Favourite Best Selling Water Butts and Water Barrels

Shop our bestselling range of water butts and water tanks to conserve the rainwater that falls on the roof of your home, which can be up to 85,000 litres per year! This can be captured for gardening jobs, or any other outdoor use, and is crucial for minimising water waste.

Ranging from decorative water butts, to slimline water butts, such as the Mini Rainsaver 100 Litre Water Butt Kit, to the larger scale Harcostar 227 Litre Water Butt Kit. Our water butts come complete with tap and hose connector, covering all your water saving needs.

Our best selling water butts come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes, and are exceptional in lowering your environmental footprint. With up to a 5-year guarantee, our water butts are manufactured from recycled, durable plastic. Our flagship water butts are made in the UK too, ensuring the planet is constantly at the heart of an EvenGreener future.

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