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Food Waste Action Week 2022 marks the second consecutive year WRAP (The Waste and Resources Action Plan) have dedicated a week of the year towards spreading the awareness of the dangers food waste has towards feeding climate change. The figures are staggering. Roughly one third of all food produced globally is lost or wasted, which contributes to between 8 and 10% of human-made greenhouse gas emissions each year.


The Food Waste Action Week is just one campaign directed towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goal of halving food waste globally by 2030. Whilst the campaign covers just one week of the year, our climate positive culture at EvenGreener is here to support you throughout the other fifty-one weeks. We hate waste, and food waste is a growing problem for the planet as the overconsumption of Earth’s precious, natural resources is leading to a surplus of supply over demand.


According to the UN, if food waste were a country, it’d be the third highest emitter of greenhouse gas emissions globally. From the 7th to the 13th of March 2022, the Food Waste Action Week is designed to change people’s mindset when it comes to purchasing and using food, helping us all become a bit more savvy in the kitchen and garden to minimise food waste and divert it away from landfills.


Landfills have unfortunately become one of the biggest perils of our environment with their contribution to global warming. They are among the highest polluters of harmful greenhouse gas emissions globally, so societal changes need to be made to divert waste away from them. Each year in the UK, 9.5 million tonnes of food is wasted, and 70% of this food ends up in landfills. We live in a throw-away society, and unfortunately we’re starting to pay the price for it.



This is where we come in. At EvenGreener, we specialise in an exclusive range of waste management and composting products, helping you convert your kitchen and garden waste into nutritious, beneficial produce to benefit you, your garden, and the planet. So, this Food Waste Action Week, we’re celebrating and protecting our planet, offering 10% off selected lines of our composters and their related accessories to make a sustainable lifestyle easier for everybody. We’ve devised a list of our composting range below, explaining how each product can transform food waste to benefit the environment in the fight against climate change.


Before we get started, it’s important to know what to put in your compost bin. Experts from the Gardeners’ World magazine recommend a 50:50 split of ‘green’ material rich in nitrogen, such as grass cuttings, and ‘brown’ material rich in carbon, such as dead leaves. A roughly half-and-half ratio of green and brown is crucial to ensure the waste properly breaks down.


For green materials, we recommend green leaves, garden clippings and any vegetable waste including; broccoli stalks, carrot ends, potato peels and even tea bags. For brown material, throw items such as twigs, newspaper scraps and wood shavings in. Wormeries however are different and are an exception to this rule, as they only deal with small-scale food waste. Anyway, onto our list.


The Blackwall Compost Converters


The UK’s best-selling compost bin, and voted ‘BEST BUY’ by Gardeners’ World magazine, the Blackwall Compost Converter is a sure-fire winner for composting this year. Manufactured from recycled plastic, this bin is perfect for small spaces, and should ideally be positioned on grass or earth. The plastic sides and lid safely retains heat and moisture to encourage and catalyse rapid decomposition, as well as blocking out light to restrict weeds from growing. This composter conveniently accommodates for garden and kitchen waste, including fruit and vegetable peelings, tea bags, coffee ground, but not cooked food.


Our range of Blackwall Compost Converters are available in black and green, and come in a compact 220 litre, or spacious 330 litre size depending on your gardening needs. Their high quality design and manufacturing process provides you with a 7-year guarantee, and is a fantastic budget buy to kickstart your composting journey. We haven’t stopped there, and have placed 10% off two of the Blackwall Compost Converters’ most popular accessories to enhance your composting game even further, including the Blackwall Compost Converter Base Plate, and the replacement Hatch too!



The HotBin Series


Also prized with a ‘BEST BUY’ award from the Gardeners’ World magazine, the HotBin compost bin is sleek, stylish, and a great option for those with tight spaces. Reaching temperatures between 40 and 60°C, the HotBin is a real winner for those wanting quick compost!


Replicating optimal composting conditions, the HotBin produces rich compost every 90 days, providing you with exceptional value for money as it churns out nutritious compost all year round. So whether you have salad going to waste in summer, or leftover squash in winter, the HotBin is the ideal, hardworking solution to your household food waste problems. It’s hassle free, and composts all garden and kitchen waste, including cooked and raw food to help you keep your household waste down to a minimum. Shop the range here.


Also, for Food Waste Action Week, we’re offering 10% off the Be Green Compost Maker to keep your compost ticking away all year round! Made from natural, organic ingredients, simply dilute the liquid in a watering can and sprinkle over your compost bin or compost heap. Creating rich, nutritious compost couldn’t be made much easier or cheaper.



The Bokashi Bin


Handling food waste is quick and simple with the convenient, kitchen based Bokashi Bin. A sleek and stylish design to suit any kitchen, simply empty any food waste you have, including meat, fish, dairy products and any other organic materials into your Bokashi Bin, sprinkle on a handful of Bokashi Bran (which is also discounted at 10% for Food Waste Action Week!), seal the air tight lid and let the composting commence.


With our Twin Pack Bokashi Bin, you can accommodate for a continuous cycle of composting. As one bin can be emptied to fertilise and enrich your garden, you can start to fill up the second bin to ensure no food is wastefully sent to landfill. The Bokashi Bins only take a few weeks to transform the food waste, which can then be added to a conventional compost heap or bin, or dug straight into the ground. The rewards don’t stop there – a complementary liquid is produced for you too, which is jampacked with beneficial microbes and can be diluted to form a plant feed, or poured down drains to prevent algae build up and odours. Discover the wonders of the Bokashi Bin range here.



The Maze Compost Tumbler


With its sharp and stylish design, the Maze Compost Tumbler is a winner for anyone looking to revamp their garden with a modern composter. Although, design is certainly no compromise for performance, as this composter churns through food and organic waste easily via the innovative crank and handle system. Just stick to a 50/50 mix of ‘green’ and ‘brown’ waste, adding food items such as fruit and veggie scraps, tea bags and coffee ground to keep your compost healthy and nutritious.


The large and wide sliding doors allow for easy access when adding your food waste, and the double compartment chambers ensure your waste is tumbled and transformed into rich, valuable feed for your garden all year round in a constant cycle of composting.


With a spacious 245 litres available for your food and organic waste, and a sturdy combination of materials and design, the Maze Compost Tumbler is a no-brainer for all your composting needs, just look at it! Make light work of distributing your produce to and from the Tumbler too, with the Maze 55 litre Composting Cart.



The Green Cone Waste Digester


The Green Cone Waste Digester does exactly what it says on the tin. Unfazed by any food, including bones and carcasses, cooked and uncooked meat and fish, fruit and veggie scraps, tea bags, coffee ground and dairy products; it composts all your food waste in one place using an organic, natural process. Handling food waste is so simple with the Green Cone, it only needs tending to about once per year. Simply empty your compost and start again. Combining a retro and minimalist design, the Green Cone looks great in any garden. Find yours here.


If you want to take your composting to the next step, break the material down even further using the Garland Compost Sieve to leave you with greater, richer compost to nourish your garden. The procedure is quick and simple, and the sieve is manufactured from recycled plastic, and tough, galvanised steel. It’s also 10% off for Food Waste Action Week too, so shop here!



The Green Johanna


Another hot composter to keep your food and garden waste ticking over all year round, the Green Johanna is expertly designed in Sweden to produce premium standard, rich compost.

Piling your waste two layers of food waste to one layer of garden waste keeps your Green Johanna digesting and transforming to provide your garden with healthy soil and rich feed. The hot composter transforms all types of food waste, including cooked and raw meat/fish (except bones!). With a winter jacket available at 10% off too during Food Waste Action Week, you can keep your Green Johanna insulated to optimise the conditions for composting even through the coldest of weather. Redirecting your food away from landfills all year round is a noble victory when leading a sustainable lifestyle, so choose your perfect composting accompaniment with the Green Johanna here.



Kitchen Caddies


Available in 5, 7 or 23 litre sizes, our colourful range of Kitchen Caddies are a perfect fit for any kitchen looking to handle their food waste and divert it all away from landfills. Their full length lids easily allow for emptying your waste, and the hinge snap-fitting mechanics safely and securely keep your food waste and its odours locked in.


These kitchen caddies are great for storing food waste before it’s added to your home compost bin or pile, including any leftover sandwich scraps, egg shells, tea bags, coffee ground, and fruit and veggie scraps. Minimise food waste sent to landfills and protect the environment from the comfort of your kitchen with our range here.


If you’re a bit tentative to start your composting journey, we’ve made life even easier with our Compost Accessories Starter Kit. With spring almost at our finger tips, we’re here to help you make the leap over, offering 10% off the Starter Kit which includes a 5 Litre Green Kitchen Caddy, a roll of Caddy Liners to collect your kitchen waste, and a bottle of 500ml Compost Maker too! Shop the collection here.



The Can-O-Worms Wormeries


Available in a two or three tier structure, the Can-O-Worms Wormeries are perfect for large families, and are a great project to get the kids involved too! Wormeries work best with smaller-scale food scraps, including fruit and veggie peelings, tea bags and coffee ground, bread and rice leftovers, and cereals.


By teaming up with nature, the worms work away at breaking down your food waste for you, and the small sized footprint means your wormery is perfect for small spaces, such as balconies or yards. Composting with worms is one of nature’s great gifts, so get started now and shop the Can-O-Worms Wormeries range here.



The Maze Worm Farm


The compact, sleek and stylish Maze Worm Farm modernises any environment it sits in, which can be a small balcony, yard, or even amongst acres of space!


Worm farms are a much faster process than traditional composting, so within just a few weeks you can have your nutrients supplied and delivered to you by your army of worms. Simply throw your kitchen and food waste into the tray, including fruit and veggie scraps, egg shells, tea bags, bread and newspaper, and let the worms get to work.


The Maze Worm Farm focuses mainly on food waste, so is a great product or little gift to deal with food waste this Food Waste Action Week.



The Subpod


Available in an array of different bundles and sizes to suit your needs, the Subpod system is a revelation in transforming food waste using the wonders of nature.


For everything you need to know about the Subpod system, read our recent blog about it here. An innovative underground composting factory, the Subpod handles all manners of food waste in return for rich, healthy compost.


Worms are the magic addition here again, so whether you’re throwing in coffee ground, leftover sandwiches, or veggie scraps, they’ve got you covered. Become a zero-waste warrior today, and kit your home out with the Subpod system.



Wooden Composters


Last but not least, our wooden composters vary in sizes, but all, typically produce the most compost. From the spacious 905 litre Wooden Modular Compost Bin, to the more compact 480 litre version, our wooden composters can cycle compost throughout the year to provide a steady cycle, forever minimising your household food waste that may otherwise be sent to landfills. Stick to 25-50% ‘green’ waste, including your fruit and vegetable kitchen leftovers, and the remainder as ‘brown’ waste, such as dead leaves, wood chippings and cardboard/paper.


All our wooden composters are built from sustainably sourced timber, and the thickness of wood used ensures a snug insulate to keep your compost evolving efficiently and nutritiously.



So, shop the extensive range at evengreener.com and use the 10% off discount for the selected composters and accessories to become part of the solution this Food Waste Action Week. By redirecting food waste away from landfills and converting it into nutritious feed for your garden, you’re taking a big leap in the exact direction we’re hoping for in the fight against climate change. The more people who begin composting, the brighter and cleaner our future will become, so start [or power on with] your composting journey today, and become a zero-waste warrior to leading the EvenGreener lifestyle.


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