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Green Cone 80 Litre Food Waste Digester


Compost all your food waste (including bones!) with the Green Cone 80 Litre Waste Digester. There's no need to turn y... Read more

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Why we love this product

  • Composts all of your food waste
  • Hassle free - tend to roughly once per year
  • Classic, minimalist design


  • easy to use
  • minimalist
  • rich compost

Compost all your food waste (including bones!) with the Green Cone 80 Litre Waste Digester. There's no need to turn your waste over, just pick a sunny, well drained area of your garden and allow the Green Cone to work its magic.

Simply fill the included kitchen caddy with organic kitchen waste, and add it into the Green Cone when full. The composter then transforms the waste over time, before it can be added to your soil to invigorate your plants and garden.

The Green Cone 80 Litre Waste Digester only needs tending to about once a year. To do so, simply empty your compost and just start again!

Kit includes an internal basket, odour-free kitchen caddy and filter, accelerator powder and shaker, and assembly kit with instructions.

Please note that this item cannot be used on clay surfaces.

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  • Classic design 
  • 80 Litre Capacity 
  • Includes an internal basket, odour free kitchen caddy and filter, a powder and shaker to help accelerate decomposition and a full intructions manual. 
Model (l)
Base Diameter (mm)
Lid Diameter (mm)
80 Litre

Below Ground Depth (mm)

Above Ground Height (mm)

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Green Cone 80l Food waste Digester in situ

Green Cone 80 Litre Food Waste Digester


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Key Points

  • All of your food waste is consumed by naturally occurring micro-organisms in the Green Cone.

  • The composting process leaves behind a small amount of water and carbon dioxide.

  • Composts all your waste in one place using a natural, organic process.

Top Tip
Please note, this item cannot be placed on clay surfaces.

Quick Facts

  • Throw in all your food and garden waste, including bones and carcasses.

  • Removeable lid to make accessing the digestion chamber even easier.

  • Double-walled design to trap heat and catalyse the growth of bacteria.