HotBin Mk 2. 200 Litre Compost Bin

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The HotBin Mk 2. 200 Litre Compost Bin hot composts all year round to recycle your food and garden waste even quicker... Read more

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Why we love this product

  • Has three specialised layers to optimise your composting
  • Looks great in even the most space conscious of gardens
  • Works 32x quicker than cold composting


  • easy to use
  • eco-friendly
  • quick compost

The HotBin Mk 2. 200 Litre Compost Bin hot composts all year round to recycle your food and garden waste even quicker. It works well in the sun or shade but should always be sited on an even surface.

Traditional composting takes 18 months in a cold heap at 10°C, but hot composting takes just 18 days in a HotBin running at 60°C. Explore our entire HotBin range here.

Bacteria decomposing the waste generates heat inside the HotBin Mk 2. 200 Litre Compost Bin, which provides effective aeration through the bottom air inlet plate and the air outlet rotating valve. It also removes excess water through the valve as steam, continuously controlling the rate of heat loss.

The HotBin can achieve hot composting between 40-60°C, which means it can quickly produce a rich compost. As hotter temperatures can be achieved, you can recycle more types of household waste, such as food waste (including cooked left-over food waste, eggshells, mouldy bread, fish, meat with bones, and dog and cat litter) and grass/garden cuttings.

Made from Expanded Polypropylene or EPP, the HotBin is made of just 4% raw material and 96% air making the HotBin extremely resourceful and efficient!

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  • Thermometer in lid
  • Aeration valve plate to moderate temperature
  • Biofilter unit to stop foul smells
  • Insulated walls for heat retention and rapid composting
  • Aeration base plate to disperse air within the bin
  • How to use guide included
  • 25 litre bag of bulking agent (composted wood chip) to use with food waste
  • Raking stick included
  • Winter 'kick start' heater (also known as a 'hot water bottle')
ModelHeight (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)Depth when lid fully opened (mm)Height when lid fully opened (mm)
100 litre1,1254504505301,420
200 litre1,1455505506751,605
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Key Points

  • HotBin maximises the perfect conditions to make hot composting quicker and easier.

  • Expect rich compost every 90 days with no need to turn the waste.

  • Airtight lid to reduce smells and keep vermin out.

Top Tip
Use the angled, internal base to funnel the Leachate towards the drainage cap, which can then be used as a liquid fertiliser.

Quick Facts

  • The HotBin should be kept clean at all times.

    Ensure no food waste is left lying around the base, hatch, or surrounding areas.

  • The HotBin should be looked after carefully.

    Take care when removing compost or mixing new waste into the top of the bin. Additionally, do not use tools to lever off the hatch, or force the hinge lid backwards, ensuring to keep the valve free of dirt and/or snow.

  • Considering location is important for your HotBin.

    Place HotBin on a hard, flat surface to discourage the underside from being used as a nesting site.

  • It's important to keep your HotBin closed.

    Always keep the hatch and lid tightly closed. Safely secure cam straps around the hatch; any gaps in door/lid seals result in the bin losing both heat and odours.