The UK produced around 9.5 million tonnes of food waste in 2018.

As population rises, this startling figure is only set to increase as over 70% of this waste comes from (a lack of) human consumption.

If you had a look around your kitchen, what would you find that you will inevitably throw away?

The Solution? Tasty #FoodWasteFriday Recipes!

Binning food is not only wasteful, but it starves us of the opportunity to make some tasty meals with our leftovers. At EvenGreener, we are passionate about minimising waste and eating more. Each Friday we share our favourite #FoodWasteFriday ideas on Instagram. We take seasonal produce and offer you recipes, facts, and even fun ideas for the kids to help you use up all of those veggies lying around the kitchen.

As summer comes to a close and the amber leaves cascade from the trees, the summer harvest is almost over. For anyone that grows their own produce, it’s fairly likely there are plenty of leftovers. So here are a few ideas on how to transform your leftovers into tasty meals!

Lets Talk About: Aubergines

There’s no substitute for homegrown food, so why waste your leftover aubergines when you can grow new ones?

The mighty aubergine can be grown in temperatures over 21 degrees celsius so pop your seeds in your shed or greenhouse, water regularly (preferably with rain water) and watch next year’s aubergines grow over the coming months.


Aubergine X Moussaka Recipe from @nounaskitchen


Let's Talk About: Courgettes 

Courgette (or Zucchini) is a great zero waste product as everything from the plant can be consumed, including the flower.

Our favourite family thing to do with leftover courgettes (that just can’t be eaten) is to hollow out some of the middle and make a boat shape and then sail them across the lake; it can fill a whole day outdoors to encourage kids to spend time with nature! After a long day at the lake, come home and sample some of these tasty vegetarian and vegan courgette recipes.

Courgette and Courgette Flower Recipes


Courgette Flowers by @margauxlondon



Let’s Talk About: Squash

Squash is often thought of as a warming winter vegetable, but there are so many varieties of squash that you can often find them in season in summer and winter! Butternut Squash is one of the most popular variations and are conveniently just as easy to carve as pumpkins.

Don’t throw the peel or skin away! Below, find out how to make purée for those notorious pumpkin spice lattes as soon as the leaves start falling.


What should I do with my leftover squash?



Sweetcorn and Squash Chowder by @sneakyvegblog



All of the skin, peel and seeds leftover from these recipes can be broken down using one of our Bokashi Bins. Simply place the leftovers into your bin, sprinkle on some Bokashi Bran (included in the pack) and watch the compost grow. Transfer your waste into an outdoor composter after a few weeks to see the full effect of how you can produce zero food waste!

Now that you have four tasty recipes to choose from, how do you plan on reducing your food waste this week? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to join us every Friday on Instagram (@evengreener_store) for another #EGFoodWasteFriday recipe.

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