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Compost Accessories Starter Kit

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Our NEW Compost Accessories Starter Kit contains all the extra's you will need to get your Compost Bin springing into action!! The kit includes a 5 Litre Green Kitchen Caddy and a roll of Caddy Liners to collect your kitchen waste in as well as a bottle of 500ml Compost Maker to speed up the composting process once you've transferred the waste to your compost bin.

The Straight 5 Litre Green Kitchen Caddy is the ideal container for collecting food waste in the home. Its full-width lid allows the contents of a plate to be easily scraped into it and the hinged snap-fitting lid retains moisture and keeps odours locked in. The tough carry handle means that it can be easily moved around, while the wipe clean, smooth interior eliminates any residual dirt.

The kit also includes a roll of Caddy Liners which are 100% compostable and will completely degrade to just carbon dioxide, water and organic matter. Once full, the whole bag can be simply thrown into your composter or put out for your food waste collection service..

Our Be Green 500ml Compost Maker helps to speed up the composting process to produce rich and crumbly weed-free compost in as little as 6-8 weeks. It can also be used to re-activate partially composted or dead compost heaps. Simply dilute the Be Green Compost Maker in a watering can and sprinkle into your compost bin or compost heap. 10ml of Compost Maker mixed with 10 litres of water is enough to treat about one-and-a-half bin bags of waste, killing off weed seeds in the process. Contains all natural ingredients so is suitable for use by organic gardeners.

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