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Organko 2 Ocean Bokashi Bin With Bran


Say goodbye to your black waste bin! The Organko 2 Ocean Bokashi Bin with Bran is here to help you direct your food w... Read more

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Why we love this product

  • Recipient of a Red Dot Design Award
  • Makes a sleek and stylish addition to your kitchen
  • Made from recycled plastic


  • beginner friendly
  • contemporary design
  • eco-friendly
  • fights food waste
  • stores food waste

Say goodbye to your black waste bin! The Organko 2 Ocean Bokashi Bin with Bran is here to help you direct your food waste away from landfill and ferment it into a nutrient-dense compost base that can then be added to your compost bin or dug straight into your garden soil. 

This innovative food waste solution is double layered - the inner casing can be easily removed when your bin is full to seamlessly add the waste to your compost pile once it's fermented. 

The accompanying Bokashi Bran is infused with molasses which help to ferment your food waste whilst preventing it from putrefying or releasing unpleasant odours.

Click here for a browse of our full Bokashi composting range. 

The Organko 2 comes with a strap which makes carrying the bin easy, and has a built-in screw-cap dispenser at the bottom, which allows you to easily collect the liquid fertiliser produced by your Bokashi Bin. This can be diluted and used to nourish your plants, as it contains an array of nutrients and minerals.

Have a read of our ultimate Bokashi composting guide here. 

  • Lightweight and easy to carry, weight only 3.2 kgs when empty 
  • Holds up to 9.6 litres of food waste 
  • Includes everything you need to get started on your food waste reducing journey
  • Comes with Bokashi Bran and a handy scoop to sprinkle it into your bin, a durable carry strap and two lid layers
ModelLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)
Organko 2240250340
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Organko 2 Black Bokashi Bin in situ

Organko 2 Ocean Bokashi Bin With Bran


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Key Points

  • Produces rich pre-compost, creating micro-organisms to enhance the quality of your garden's soil.

  • End product improves soils' ability to retain water and key nutrients better, encouraging healthy growth for your garden and plants.

  • The Bokashi breaks down your food waste by essentially pickling it, with the end result acting as an acidic activator for the rest of your compost pile.

Quick Fact

  • The Organko 2 Bokashi Bin fertiliser by-product doesn't just make great feed for your plants when diluted.

    It also doubles up as an all-natural drain cleaner, which can be poured down your sinks to keep them clean, fresh and odour free.